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Things to do in Langkawi



After visiting busy cities like Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh we were very happy to arrive on the quiet island of Langkawi. This week would be the week of relaxation before we returned home. And it was! Langkawi is the ideal place in Malaysia to unwind. Discover here what you can do in Langkawi.

1 Langkawi Sky Bridge

One of the places where you have the most beautiful panorama of the island is undoubtedly the Langkawi Sky Bridge. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much because of the clouds, but we did see a piece of the paradise image every now and then. If the sky is very clear, you can even see Thailand, which is not so far from Langkawi. The Langkawi Bridge can be reached by the steepest cable car in the world. The best time to visit this bridge is at 9am when it doesn’t open until it opens. In addition, the bridge is open every day of the year unless the weather conditions are too extreme.

Langkawi Sky Bridge
Things to Do in Langkawi

2 Langkawi Mangrove

A very unique and beautiful area that can only be visited by water is the Langkawi Mangrove. This protected nature reserve, which is important for the ecosystem of the island, therefore contains a great diversity of animals and plants. You can book a boat trip in the Mangrove practically anywhere in Langkawi. You cannot do this without an experienced guide.

3 beautiful beaches

In our opinion, Langkawi has some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. A visit to the beaches of Langkawi should definitely be on your ‘Things to do in Langkawi’ list. Two beaches we recommend are Teluk Datai and Tanjung Rhu. Although you sometimes have to look carefully for the beaches that are public and beaches that are owned by a hotel.

4 Telaga Tujuh waterfall

Another beautiful place in Langkawi is undoubtedly the waterfall of Telega Tujuh, which you can find near the cable cars to the skybridge. If you want to visit the waterfall, you will have to brave a steep climb via hundreds of stairs. We have never sweated so hard as we did during that moment. Attention! You don’t have to climb all the way to the top, but you do have to go left at the first fork on the stairs. Here you will find the beautiful waterfall. At the top you have the chance to swim, but the waterfall only runs down and you don’t have a nice view.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall
Langkawi Beach

5 Pantai Cenang

Those looking for a place to eat well or who want to shop for souvenirs should go to Pantai Cenang. Located on the beach, this small town has it all. It has a certain atmosphere that we have not found in many other places in Malaysia, but which we were looking for. Pantai Cenang is very cozy at sunset as you have some bars and restaurants on the beach. There is not much to do, but it is the perfect place to eat or do some shopping.

6 Underwater World Langkawi

Unfortunately, like in all of Malaysia, it can sometimes rain. A nice trip is to pay a visit to Underwater World Langkawi. The highest point of this aquarium is undoubtedly the 15 meter long tunnel where you can walk under the sea life. The aquarium is open every day from 10am to 6pm and costs MYR 43 for an adult and MYR 33 for a child. However, it is not stated anywhere to what age you still belong to the children.

7 book a nice hotel

Langkawi is a place where you should relax and enjoy the good weather and good food. In our opinion, the ideal place to book one of the beautiful hotels on the island and to think about nothing but rest for a few days. We ourselves went for hotel The Danna where we stayed in a villa on the beach and with a private pool. A perfect ending to a fantastic trip through Malaysia.

Hotel Langkawi

Transportation in Langkawi


The easiest way to get around and check off this list of things to do in Langkawi is undoubtedly thanks to the GRAB application. This application works all over the island (which is not the case all over Malaysia). In addition, it is very easy to use and you do not have to plan your transport in advance. We ourselves have never paid more than 10 euros for a ride, which makes it a cheap means of transport in addition to a raft.

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