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Things to do in Cameron Highlands

What to do in

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is visited by many tourists for several days, and we also stayed here for two nights. But in our opinion this is not really necessary as you can easily visit all the attractions in one day. We therefore recommend that you only book one overnight stay or even only plan a day trip from Ipoh . If you want to go hiking in the rainforest, it is better to go for two nights. Discover here what you can do in Cameron Highlands.

1 The BOH Tea Plantation

You can’t leave Cameron Highlands without seeing a tea plantation. The most popular tea plantation is the BOH Tea Plantation . Where you are treated to a magnificent view of the largest tea plantation at the lookout point. At this vantage point you also have a restaurant and shop where you can taste dozens of different teas. The BOH Tea Plantation is free to visit. But if you want more information about how the plantation works, you can also book a tour. Please note: this plantation is very well known so you will also encounter a little more tourists.

De BOH Tea Plantation
tea malaysia

2 Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation

Another tea plantation and in our opinion the most beautiful plantation of Cameron Highlands is the Bharat Tea Plantation. You have a very nice panoramic view from every corner of the domain. In addition, you can even find a waterfall down here in the valley. We recommend visiting both BOH and Bharat plantations. Because for drinking the tea itself, Bharat is slightly less. The entrance fee for the domain is MYR 5 per person. If you want to take the train to the waterfall, you pay an additional 15 MYR (also free on foot).

Cameron Highlands
bharat plantation

3 Cameron Lavender

We don’t really know what to think of Cameron Lavender ourselves. Because although the name suggests that you will mainly find lavender here, in reality this is not true. You do have many other plantings here, such as colorful gerberas and also a strawberry nursery. In addition, this farm also has a (small) castle and some other fairytale-like buildings, which sometimes gives you a Disney feeling. It is nice to walk through and combine perfectly with the tea plantations. The purchase price for this farm is MYR 8 per person.

Lavender in Cameron Highlands

4 Visiting a strawberry farm

Although Cameron Highlands is best known for its tea plantations, strawberry cultivation is also very well represented in this region. When driving into this region you can find one strawberry farm after the other. You can visit these nurseries and pick strawberries yourself or taste a delicious strawberry tea. The two best known nurseries are the 7 Strawberry Farm and the Big Red Strawberry Farm. Those who go to Cameron Lavender can skip a visit to a strawberry nursery, as there is also a small nursery with all possibilities.

growing strawberry
Camaron highlands nursery

5 Butterfly Farm

At the Butterfly Farm we personally had mixed feelings. Because the first part where you can walk among the butterflies is fantastic, with some beautiful and large specimens that are not shy at all. Unfortunately, the second part of this park is a little less. Here you will find a small petting zoo where the animals are locked in a cage that is way too small. For example, there were some beavers in a small glass cage in full sun. Not to mention the house cats that were locked in a cage with a concrete base. The butterflies of the Butterfly Farm are nice, but that’s where it ends. The entrance to this farm is MYR 5 for adults and MYR 2 for children.

Butterfly Farm
Butterflies in Malaysia

6 Jungle Trail through the rainforest

Those looking for adventure can take one of the jungle trails through the rainforest. We ourselves did trail number 3 that leaves from The Smokehouse. Attention! This trail is for real adventurers as you have to go through a densely forested area and you can encounter all kinds of animals and insects. For example, we did not complete this trail completely because we encountered a large hairy spider on the way. All jungle trails that you can do in Cameron Highlands can be found here .

jungle trail
Sigrid jungle

7 Waves on a Perfect Green

You may not expect it in this list of things to do in Cameron Highlands, but you can certainly play golf in this area. The Cameron Highlands Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf is an 18 hole course where you pay only 56 MYR green fees and a Caddy fee of maximum 16 MYR. Very cheap and certainly because this golf is very well maintained. In addition, the environment is beautiful. You can also eat something in the club of this golf. Reservations may be necessary on weekends.

Golf Cameron Highlands
The smoked house

Transportation in Cameron Highlands


The best way to tick off this list of things to do in Cameron Highlands is by taxi. You can book a taxi per hour in the center of Tanah Rata (minimum 3 hours). You then pay 25 MYR per hour. An easy and budget friendly way to travel. Especially if you are traveling with a group. You pay one taxi and you do not have to pay for everyone individually as with the tours. With a taxi of 6 hours you could already visit a lot. Please note that the Grab application has few to no drivers in this region. Consequently, you will not be able to use this application in Cameron Highlands. A taxi to Ipoh will cost you 175 MYR.


You can also visit all the above trips with a guided tour. The average price is then 65 MYR per person. The disadvantage of this is that you do not have the planning yourself and that you also have to take other tourists into account. Because most tours only depart if there are enough registrations. We therefore advise against booking tours in Cameron Highlands. Except for the sunrise tour. It departs at 5 o’clock in the morning and the region can only be visited with a 4×4. Something taxis don’t do.

Renting a scooter

Another way to get around in Cameron Highlands is by renting a scooter. You can find these everywhere in Tanah Rata and Brinchang. You then pay 35 to 55 MYR per person per day. It’s cheap and it gives you a freedom that you don’t have with any other means of transport. We ourselves have not done this because we travel with too much material and because in our opinion the traffic is not always safe. In Malaysia they have a lot of rules, but sticking to them… that’s a different case.

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