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Travel to Jordan - What to take into account?

Travel to Jordan

What to take into account?

We recently traveled to beautiful Jordan. And although this is a safe country to travel to, there are still people who prefer not to visit it. Of course the war in the surrounding countries has something to do with that. We understand that there is fear, but we are now officially eliminating it. There is no need to feel unsafe in Jordan. To properly prepare you for a trip to Jordan, we would like to give you tips on what to look out for so that your trip will be more than successful.

Neighbouring countries

Jordan is not currently (2022) at war. Therefore, you don’t need to be afraid to travel there. Keep in mind, however, that tensions and/or wars are currently prevailing in neighboring countries. Particularly in Israel, Syria and Iraq. Therefore, you should not seek Jordan’s borders with these countries. There’s also nothing to see so you don’t really have anything to look for there either. You will notice that these areas are also more strictly controlled by the police. In topics of conversation, it is best not to talk about Israel because both Palestinians and Jordanians live there. It’s a sensitive topic. Better avoid this. Jordan itself is keeping out of these tensions and therefore travel within Jordan is currently safe. We did not feel any danger or sense of insecurity. On the contrary. We felt very welcome everywhere.

desert Asia
Plant in the desert


Jordan is best explored by rental car. Therefore, be sure to carry a valid driver’s license and find out in advance what is included in your insurance. Then you don’t have to pay more than is necessary at the rental service itself. Refueling is also easy since they do it for you at any decent gas station. You choose how much gasoline you need and pay best after the fact. Do note the huge speed bumps on the track. They appear suddenly and chances are you didn’t see them in time, even on highways. So adjusting your speed all the time is recommended.

Besides renting a car yourself, you can also get around by cab, but this is undoubtedly more expensive and also more difficult. In some places in Jordan, cabs barely run. It is also a country where you fall from one surprise into another and therefore it is more fun to have a car where you can stop at the places you choose. Public transportation is bad in Jordan, so we would not recommend relying on it.

For your trip to Jordan: Visa

To travel to Jordan you need a visa. This costs about 40 euros per person. You do not need to arrange this in advance because when you arrive at the airport you can very easily pay for it yourself at customs. Nevertheless, it is better to purchase the Jordan Pass which gives you access to various museums, archaeological sites and other attractions. Here your visa is also included in the price. So you’re cheaper off with this pass. Upon arrival at the airport, you then only need to have the QR code scanned from the Jordan Pass. It is easy to take this document printed and put it on your smartphone as well.

Petra Jordan
Travel to Jordan mountains

Food and drinks

In terms of food, Jordan has a rather monotonous but tasty cuisine. Especially meat dishes with rice and vegetables are featured. Fortunately, as a vegetarian, there are also some options, from humus to salads. The Jordanian people are immensely friendly and they will want to help you anyway they can to prepare your dish as best as possible according to your wishes. So feel free to indicate what you want or don’t want to eat if you don’t understand the menu properly. Generous they are, too, so in some restaurants you will receive a free appetizer (bread, soup or salad) or entree (a snack or dessert). Under no circumstances drink tap water but only water from an unopened bottle.


In terms of politeness, Jordan is one of the countries that pleasantly surprised us. Virtually everyone you meet will address you kindly and welcome you to their country. Therefore, you feel very welcome here. A good feeling! It is also without an underlying reason that they greet you. In other countries, it often has to do with making money. Not in Jordan. Tourist or not, it doesn’t matter here. You are often treated better compared to your own people. For example, when checked, you will be checked less strictly or you will get something for free in a restaurant.

As a woman, you don’t have to dress differently either, but out of respect for their beliefs and culture, it’s best to cover your shoulders and legs. A mid-length skirt and a t-shirt will do. You may also drive yourself as a woman but be careful in cabs! It is considered rude for a woman to sit next to the cab driver. Other than that, there is no noticeable difference between male and female and everyone is appreciated.

Travel to Jordan

A trip to Jordan is a fantastic experience! We enjoyed our road trip through the country and we saw the most amazing places. Now is the time to go to Jordan as there is no mass tourism yet and so much to admire.

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