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Photo hotspots in Jordan

Photo hotspots in


Jordanis such a photogenic country that we’d love to share the best hotspots with you. Behind every corner lies a new opportunity for a great photo! There are some photo hotspots in Jordan where you still have that little extra for the perfect shot! Discover them here and go explore.

1 Treasury Petra

The Treasury of Petra is undoubtedly the most photographed building in Jordan. Only few people bother to climb all the way to the top to get an even better view. Want the perfect shot? Then follow the orange route and you’ll come across the best spot for an impressive photo!

Photo hotspots in Jordan
Petra Photos

2 Ma’In Falls

The Ma’In waterfalls are extremely suitable for a beautiful photograph! If you’re not staying at the hotel, try to arrive early (around 9am) so you get there before the other tourists. And before the sun and shadows interfere with your photo. Booking a hotelnear this photo hotspot in Jordan makes everything much easier. Especially since you can then get in before opening time (before 9 am and also after 8 pm).

3 Wadi Rum

In Wadi Rum, you can take several unique photos. A few pictures of the desert by day and a few pictures by night where you can then do astrophotography because of the little light pollution. A photo from a dome hotel is also done a lot and is often seen passing by on Instagram. So a real photo hotspot in Jordan!

4 Petra Monastery

Another great place for the perfect photo is undoubtedly the Monastery in Petra. This place is also incredibly impressive and is also good to photograph. For the perfect photo, you will have to get up on time! Especially if you don’t want other tourists in the picture. In addition, the light from the sun will also fall over this building much more beautifully than during the day.

Wadi Rum photo hotspots
Desert Jordan

5 Dead Sea

In many places you have to pay to get to the Dead Sea but at one of the most beautiful places to photograph the Dead Sea it is fortunately free. You can find this wonderful place just past the parking lot of the Wadi AlMujib gorge. Take your pictures first before you go into the water because afterwards you are completely full of salt and this is obviously not good for your camera.

6 Wadi AlMujib

The final photo hotspot in Jordan is undoubtedly Wadi AlMujib. This is a nature reserve between a gorge and that makes for unique photos. Please note that this nature reserve is closed during the winter months. Also, your equipment must be able to withstand some water since there is a river here that you might have to cross on a hike. Appropriate attire is also recommended!

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