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Jordan is a beautiful country that has stolen our hearts. This is probably due to the low number of tourists this country has compared to other destinations of the same kind. The cost is also certainly a reason why Jordan is so interesting. In this country you get a lot for your money. To give a clear picture of what a trip in Jordan costs, we have listed below what our budget was for Jordan. Hopefully it can help you.


The food in Jordan is excellent with plenty of choice for vegetarian dishes. Food prices are also good. For example, in a restaurant or bar you pay an average of 2 JOD (2.50 euros) for soft drinks. You can easily charge 5 euros for alcohol. For a complete meal of three courses you pay about 8 euros in the non-tourist regions. In the tourist regions you can count twice.

Jordan budget
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You can make an accommodation in Jordan as expensive as you want. For example, you can easily stay via Airbnb or in a hostel for just 10 euros per night, but you can also stay in a super luxurious hotel where you easily have to pay 200 euros per night. The average price for a standard hotel is 50 euros per night. Except in Wadi Rum there you can easily pay triple for one of the well-known bubble hotels. But that is pure luxury. You also have the option to stay cheaper in one of the tent camps. Breakfast is included in most hotels. In our budget for Jordan this was the biggest cost.


There are of course a lot of different means of transport in Jordan with the cheapest means of transport the bus and a rented car. And the most expensive way is to take a taxi. Depending on which transport you use, you can charge approximately an amount between 8 and 30 euros per person per day. Depending on how big your group is and the distances you do. For example, if you are with 4 people, you pay on average only 10 euros per person for a rented car.


The best way to reduce your budget for trips in Jordan is to buy a Jordan pass . With this card you get access to more than 40 archaeological sites including Petra and Wadi Rum. This Jordan pass costs between 80 and 100 euros. Depending on how many days you want to stay in Petra. Other trips, such as riding a camel or trekking in the desert, will be between 10 and 30 euros. So comparable with European prices.

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