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Climate Jordan - Best Travel Time Jordan

Climate of Jordan

Best Time to Travel Jordan

Jordan is a very diverse country. You will find desert as well as mountains and sea. That also makes the climate variable. The lowest point in Jordan is at the Dead Sea. The best weather conditions can also be found there. In summer it is very hot up to40 degrees Celsius. The winters there are not very cold. Temperatures still remain between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in winter around the Dead Sea. Precipitation and frost rarely if ever occur here. So what is the best time to travel to Jordan? You’ll find out here. 

The highest point

In turn, the highest point is on Mount Jabal Umm ad Dami at about 1854 meters in the desert of Wadi Rum. The second largest mountain in Jordan is the Jabal Ram with a height of 1734meters. This one is also located in Wadi Rum. Here you will find desert climate where it can get hot to about 30 degrees Celsiusduring the day and freezing at night in winter. Wadi Rum is a major attraction in Jordan and it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Without a doubt a place you want to go but have to consider both hot and cold temperatures. Also, protect your eyes from the sand as it can get brisk.

Best time to visit Jordan
Klimaat Jordani√ę

World Wonder Petra

Another attraction is Petra, a historic city located in large gorges. Although it can be warm during the day in summer you better expect a cold climate in general since the historical site is situated between rocks that prevent the heat from reaching the surface. Especially in the winter it is cold and frost can occur. In Petra, there is hardly any precipitation.


In capital Amman, which is located on hills, you can expect a lot of precipitation and even snow in the winter months. Amman has a cold steppe climate with dry summers. On one side of Amman it can rain while on the other it snows. This is because of the height differences.

Best time to visit Jordan

In summary, Jordan is a country where you have to reckon with a changing climate. From a hot desert climate to a Mediterranean climate. Lots of rain to no rain. From hot temperatures to cool days. The diverse climate has to do not only with the location in Jordan, but also with the travel period you choose.

Thus, the best travel time for Jordan is in spring or fall. In the months of March to May and and October to September you have the perfect climate in Jordan. There will also be fewer tourists than in the busy summer vacations.

Dead Sea climate
Best Travel Time Dead Sea Jordan


And Events

Jordan has both Muslim and Christian holidays. For example, Easter and Christmas are also official holidays. Islamic holidays also fall differently each year. This is because Jordan also uses the lunar calendar. This causes each holiday to advance about 10 days per year in our western era. The main Islamic festivals are Ramadan, the sugar festivals and the feast of sacrifice. But also Ras as-Sana which is the Islamic New Year’s Day and Moulid an-Nabi which in turn is the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed. These two holidays also fall differently each year.

National Holidays

In addition to the religious holidays that Jordan has, it also has some National Holidays like almost every other country in the world. You can find these below.

  • January 15 – Day of the Tree

  • January 30 – Birthday of King Abdullah

  • March 22 Arab League Day

  • 1 May – Labour Day

  • 25 May – Independence Day

  • June 10 – Celebration of the Great Arab Revolt

  • August 11 – The day King Hussein ascended the throne

  • November 14 – Birthday of former King Hussein


Amman International Theatre Festival

This festival that lasts for 8 days is the only theater festivalin the Middle East and North Africa. Performances are in both Arabic and English. The groups performing are from both the Middle East and Europe.

Jordan Rally

This spectacular and extreme rally takes place in the Jordan Valley. A desert that is located near the Dead Sea. A very impressive region and rally that attracts a lot of visitors every year.

Dead Sea Ultra Marathon

Sports enthusiasts can also indulge in amarathon in Jordan through the beautiful scenery of this country. And as the name suggests, this marathon therefore ends at the Dead Sea.

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