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Jordanian Dinar (JOD)


Jordan is certainly one of the more beautiful countries we have visited. This country in the Middle East has a lot to offer. You can find the wonder of the world Petra there, but also staying in the desert of Wadi Rum in one of the tent camps or luxury hotels is bucket list material. In addition, a visit to the Dead Sea or the Jordanian Canyons is more than worthwhile. Although the biggest asset of this country is undoubtedly the hospitality of the people. It is nowhere as big as here. In our opinion, Jordan is best explored with a rental car because it not only gives you more freedom, but it will also be much cheaper.

Transport in


Rent a car

Renting a car in Jordan is the best way to explore this country in our opinion. Because renting a car not only gives you a lot of freedom, you can also reach everything perfectly by car. Moreover, renting a car is also not that expensive. For example, we paid barely 25 euros per day at Dollar Car Rental . And about 90 euros worth of petrol to cross the entire country. Driving in Jordan is very easy, because the rules are completely the same as in Europe. Your normal driving license is therefore valid here.


Do you not have a driver’s license or do you not really want to drive yourself in Jordan? Then the bus is a cheap and good alternative. For example, you only pay 1 JOD (1.2 euros) per hour on the bus. For example, for a ride from Amman to Petra 2 JOD and from Petra to Wadi Rum 5 JOD. You will often have to take a taxi after a bus. Especially in Wadi Rum. Know that you are always on the road with a bus. There is also a private organization that is mainly aimed at tourists, where you can get to every tourist place with just the bus. But this one is slightly more expensive. For the right prices you can always visit the JETT website .


Often, a domestic flight is the best and cheapest way to get around in Peru. For example, a flight from Lima to Cusco costs only €40 for a single ticket. Which is as much as the bus. However, the journey by bus is eight times longer than by plane. Attention! If you go from Lima to Cusco by plane, the chance of altitude sickness is much more common. With the bus, your body will have more time to adjust to the different heights.

Cycling and walking

Jordan is also perfect and safe to do by bike or on foot. Isn’t it that you have to be in good shape because of the mountainous landscape. And that you sometimes have to take in the stray and barking street dogs. A good water supply is also recommended here. If you want to cycle through Jordan, it is best to pay extra to take your own bike with you on the plane. This is due to the lack of good bicycles in Jordan. An organized cycling group trip is of course also possible.

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In Jordan you can find an excellent kitchen in which spices play an important role. You can get both a meat dish and a vegetarian dish in this country. Which was a big surprise for us. This is not possible in every Arab country. Dishes that you should definitely try are Hummus, Tabbouleh and the bread that is freshly baked in an oven. And for the meat eaters there is of course Shawarma and Kebab which you can find on almost every menu. In some establishments, camel meat kebabs are even offered. For food and drinks you pay on average between 15 to 30 euros per person per day. We ourselves have reduced this price by buying lunch ourselves in the supermarket.

Tipping in Jordan

In most restaurants the tip is already added to the bill. Any additional taxes are also included in this. So keep in mind that often a total of about 25 percent is added to the price on the menu. If the tip is not added to your account, you can charge a tip of 10 percent. This 10 percent also applies to taxis. In addition, it is also recommended to tip the hotel staff who help you with your bags or park your car.

Papers for Jordan

You need a visa for Jordan. This visa will cost you 40 JOD (48 euros) and you can buy it upon arrival at the airport. To get this visa you need an international passport. If you do not have this yet, it is best to request this in good time at the town or city hall of your place of residence. Your driving license from home is valid in Jordan. So you don’t have to prepare special papers for this.


You can make an accommodation in Jordan as expensive as you want. You can find hotel rooms or hostels for 10 euros per night, but you can also take one for a few hundred euros. We ourselves think it benefits the experience not only to go to the cheap hotels in Jordan, but also sometimes to take a more expensive hotel. The Ufo Lumpy Luxury Hotel is a slightly more expensive hotel, but the spectacular experience is worth every euro and is part of the total experience of this country.

Jordan Pass

It is best to buy a ticket in advance is the Jordan Pass. With this pass you not only get access to a number of attractions, including Petra, but your visa is also included in this price. As a result, you no longer have to pay the 40 JOD for a visa. This ticket will always save you money because if you paid Petra and your visa separately, you would already pay more. You have 3 different passes. One of 70 JOD which gives you access to Petra for one day. One of 75 JOD which gives you access to Petra for two days and then one of 80 JOD which gives you access to Petra for three days. Attention! You must order this pass before you leave for Jordan. You can easily order these via the Jordan Pass website .

Internet in Jordan

Almost every hotel in Jordan has an excellent WIFI network and often even in places where you do not expect it. We even had an excellent connection in our hotel in the desert of Wadi Rum. You also have a good working WiFi connection at the airport and in some places in Petra. If you want to be constantly on the internet, you can buy a local SIM card (1 JOD per GB) at the airport or rent a portable hotspot at the rented car. This will cost you about 10 euros per day for unlimited use. But we don’t think it’s really necessary.

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