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South Africa

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South Africa is marked by many people as a dream destination and that is not so surprising. Because the culture and history of this country alone make this country special. The biggest reason is of course nature. Because in addition to the many types of different plants that you can find in this country. Is this one of the only countries in the world where you can spot both the big five of the land and the big five of the sea . Enough reasons to travel to the country with cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Transport in

South Africa

Rent a car

You don’t have to worry about transport in South Africa, because these are all safe. For example, you can rent a car where you can map out a nice road trip, read here where you can do this . But make sure you don’t make any violations. Because the fines are very high in South Africa. A night in jail with a very severe sentence is not excluded. You must also have had a driver’s license for 5 years to be allowed to drive. And the traffic rules are completely different from ours. They also drive on the left here like in Great Britain so that takes some getting used to. We preferred not to go out on our own.


If you prefer not to go on a road trip through South Africa yourself, you can also take the hop-on hop-off bus . This will get you safely from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and Port-Elizabeth. You can get on and off the buses at 40 locations for 7, 14 or 21 days. The ideal way to travel cheaply through this beautiful country. Something that in our opinion is a bit too tiring. More information can be found here . In the major cities of South Africa you also have well-arranged public transport, but this is usually not so punctual. So something you should keep in mind.


In our opinion, the easiest way to travel short distances in South Africa is with an Uber. You don’t pay that much and you are dropped off at the destination you need to be. Unfortunately, Uber can be used in some major cities such as Cape Town. The quality of the cars here is surprisingly high.


You will not find many taxis in South Africa. You will only be able to find taxis at the real hotspots or stations. In addition, taxis are also very expensive here. You will not be able to agree on a fixed price, so you pay per kilometer. Uber seems to us to be a much better and cheaper way to travel.

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Helpful facts

South Africa


As a tourist you don’t have to make a lot of arrangements for South Africa. You only need a Passport that is still valid for 30 days after departure in South Africa. Although these checks are not very strict. If you are staying in this country for more than 3 months, you must submit an application to the Ministry of the Interior within 60 days of your arrival. If you travel from a yellow fever country, you must have a document with you that you have been vaccinated. If you are traveling alone with a child, you will need a statement of approval from the parent who is not traveling with you. You can request more information at the South African embassy.

Papers for South Africa

For a normal stay as a tourist, you do not need a special visa in Peru. All you need is an international passport that is valid for 6 months upon arrival in the country. You will receive a stamp in your passport on arrival that gives you 90 days permission to travel through the country. However, a flight ticket for departure from Peru may be requested at customs. Furthermore, your driving licence is valid in this country, so you do not need to make any special requests.

Vaccinations for South Africa

In South Africa, the yellow fever vaccination is only mandatory if you have been in a yellow fever country 7 days before arrival in this country. This rule also applies to people who had to make a transfer in a country where this disease is present. Although it can of course never hurt to take this vaccination, even if it is not necessary. The syringe DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and polio) is also recommended. As well as a vaccination against hepatitis A (infectious jaundice). A vaccination against rabies (rabies) never hurts either. Because there are some wild animals that can bite you. For information that is up to date you have to be here.


Most hotels and Airbnb rooms have a reasonable WiFi network where in many cases you can even stream episodes on Netflix. You can also find free WiFi in the large shopping centers in Cape Town. However, in South Africa it is recommended to also buy a SIM card with 4G so that you can use the internet everywhere. If, like us, you often use Uber, this is very easy. Some reliable providers of SIM cards are MTN, Cell C and Telkom which is a subsidiary of Vodafone. On average you pay 15 euros for a ticket, pay attention! At the airport, these prices are often double.

Gratuities in South Africa

Tipping is not mandatory in South Africa, but it is expected! A tip between 10 and 15 percent at a restaurant is customary. This is because the staff does not earn that much and in some cases even depends on this tip. An amount between 10 and 20 Rand is customary for taxi drivers and chambermaids. A tip of up to 150 Rand is recommended for a Ranger. But not required.

Souvenirs in South Africa

You can’t leave South Africa without some nice souvenirs. However, you should be careful not to bring any souvenirs made from endangered animals or plant species. Because this can sometimes be the case. What is very nice about this country. Is the tax you paid can get back at the airport. For this you must keep the sales invoice. This rule only applies to items that cost more than 250 rand.

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