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Moroccan Dirham (MAD)


Morocco is a country that has been on our bucket list for a long time. Marrakech especially appealed to us because of its beautiful architecture. Of course Morocco is more than just Marrakech. You also have beautiful cities such as Casablanca, Tangier and Fez. But also a huge desert plain where you can make beautiful trips with, for example, a camel. Morocco is especially known for its delicious mint tea and accompanying sweet pastries. The delicious tagine’s can certainly charm us. A country with so much to discover.

Transport in



The easiest way to get around in Morocco is undoubtedly by Taxi. This is the most pleasant way to travel, especially in the cities. Especially because the city buses are often of poor quality. Always agree on a fixed price in advance, this prevents arguments or discussion about counters. Bargaining is a national sport here, so be sure to do the same for the taxis.


The bus is one of the most important means of transport in Morocco. You also have some excellent bus companies such as Supratours and CTM. They mainly take care of the long distance journeys. In the cities themselves you can use the city buses or the bus that the hotel where you are staying offers. The city buses are often of a lesser quality and standing up because of the crowds is often the reality.


Although traveling by plane is not very popular in Morocco, this is the ideal way to move quickly and easily from one city to another. The airline that flies the most domestic flights is Royal Air Maroc . In fact, young people under the age of 25 receive a discount on every flight booked.

Rent a car

You can also rent a car yourself. It doesn’t even have to be that expensive. You can find cars from 30 euros per day. You can also find cheaper cars online, but often the insurance is not in order. So check this carefully when booking. Keep in mind that traffic in cities can sometimes be hectic and busy.

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Helpful facts



With a daily budget of about 25 euros per person, you should arrive in Morocco when it comes to food and drink. And then you should not pay too much attention to your budget. If you only stay in touristic cities like Marrakech, this budget might be a bit higher. If you spend a holiday in an all-in hotel, then of course you do not have this cost. Moroccan cuisine is best known for its tajines and deliciously spiced dishes. Although we are especially fans of the sweet pastries and the best mint tea in the world.

Papers for Morocco

If you travel to Morocco as a European, you do not need a visa or other documents. All you will need is an international passport. As you know, this country is not in Europe, so your regular identity card is not valid here! Although this has once been different. The rule of an international passport was therefore only introduced in 2015. Order your passport on time.

Accommodation for Morocco

The most obvious accommodation in Morocco is a hotel or riad . However, the prices for these hotels are not cheap in cities like Marrakech due to mass tourism. For example, you pay an average of 140 euros per night for a room. Although you also have rooms of 50 euros per night or rooms that are a lot more expensive. For the other cities in Morocco, the average price is around 75 euros for a room. But you will certainly find cheaper options here too. You can find prices from 30 euros for a room on Airbnb.


Although most hotels and hostels have an excellent WiFi network, it is sometimes useful to also have 4G. Even if you are only really into that 4G internet in the big cities. The reach outside the cities is insufficiently developed. You can easily purchase a SIM card with 4G from one of the reliable providers (Maroc Telecom, Orange and Inwi). You pay on average 100 Dirham (1 euro) per 1GB. Which we think is a very fair price. Buy this card in recognized shops and preferably not at the airport because the price is considerably higher there.


In Morocco you pay with the Moroccan Dirham . You can collect this Dirham in one of the banks or at the reception of your hotel. But this certainly does not apply in every hotel. You will need cash because there are more shops and restaurants where you cannot pay electronically than there are! You can only pay with a credit card in your hotel, shopping centers and more expensive restaurants. When paying at the restaurant, also take the usual 10 percent tip into account.


If you travel through the souks of Morocco you will notice that it is difficult not to take souvenirs with you. Expect a good deal of bargaining here. That’s part of it. Often half of the first amount given is the right price. We came home with a lot of nice souvenirs.

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