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Why you should visit magical Marrakech as your next city trip



We went to magical Marrakech in Morocco for a week last month. It is the ideal place for a sunny city break during fall. Sunshine, plenty of culture and countless fun places are the ideal backdrop for a magical city trip to the North of Africa. Find out here why you should do Marrakech as your next city break!

Other world

Marrakech, and in fact all of Morocco, is a completely different world from ours. From the traffic to their eating habits to the language they speak. We noted countless differences from our country. The first few days were a bit of an adjustment for us, even though we are used to other cultures. We definitely don’t mean this in a negative way, because Marrakech is beautiful and a fantastic experience in every way. If you want something completely different, this is a fine destination to explore!

Market in Marrakech
Market in Morocco

magic city


With places such as the souks and the famous Djemaa el Fna square, Marrakech captures the imagination. In the souks you can buy the most beautiful lanterns or “flying” carpets, and in El Fna Square you can watch snake charmers at work. It’s not hard to find magic in the air here. We also find Marrakech magical because of its imposing buildings that you only seem to have seen in movies. Everything here radiates magic.

Relaxing city

Although Marrakech is a hugely busy city where you are sometimes overwhelmed by smells, colors and sounds, you can also find many places where you can unwind. Far away from all this hustle and bustle. You can relax in a hammam where they massage you with oil, a scrub or clay. You can also escape the crowds by sitting on the balcony terrace of a café or restaurant sipping a nice mint tea and watching the hustle and bustle from a distance. Or you can visit a riad where you can relax by the pool. So there is plenty of choice to also relax in magical Marrakech if you are looking for that.

City trip Marrakech
Morocco City

Hospitable city

If there is one thing you can say about Morocco and its people, it is that it is a very hospitable country. Nowhere in the world have we been invited so often to eat, drink tea or simply take a look. Although most residents are very strict about following rules, they are very friendly to tourists.

Safe feeling

The last reason that might persuade you to go to Marrakech is that it is a great place to take photos. In fact, this city is so photogenic that you just can’t take bad photos here. The buildings, because of their light color, stand out beautifully against the bright blue sky. And most of the buildings are also richly decorated with mosaics or other beautiful details. Furthermore, the sun shines so unreal beautiful over the city center at golden hour and you can find the most beautiful Instagram spots in Marrakech. Here you can really take the perfect pictures. And we think that’s a very nice advantage of this city!

Shop Morocco
Mmagic marrakech street

Do you want to go to magical Marrakech?

Have we convinced you to also go to magical Marrakech? Good! Because this city will exceed your expectations! So don’t hesitate and just explore. A nice hotel to visit this city is undoubtedly the Kenzi Menara Palace.




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