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What to do in Hurghada

What to do in


Hurghada is a popular destination in Egypt . And that’s not so strange. The excellent temperatures all year round make it the ideal sun holiday. You also have the opportunity to soak up a lot of culture and history. Hurghada is therefore the perfect base for a combination of culture and relaxation in Egypt. You can read here what you can do in Hurghada.

1 Enjoying the sun

The most popular activity of the many tourists who travel to Hurghada is undoubtedly enjoying the sun. This is possible at the swimming pool of your hotel, but also at the beach of the Red Sea. Although we usually look for adventure and action, relaxing and enjoying the sun was also welcome. Applying sunscreen is definitely recommended here. The disadvantage of relaxing on the Red Sea coast is the many sellers of tourist activities.

2 Quad ride through the desert

We like to drive the quad very much. A trip through the desert was therefore on our bucket list. And despite the high expectations, this was even better and more fun than expected. And that was mainly due to the fact that we booked a private tour and did not go with the tour that you can book in the hotel. In addition, our ride was also a lot cheaper than the one at the hotel. Don’t you believe us? Then take a look at Getyourgide for yourself.

Quad biking in Egypt
Things to Do in Hurghada

3 Luxur and Karnak from Hurghada

A trip to the temples of Luxur and Karnak is definitely one of the must dos in Hurghada. Because these temples are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also carry a rich and ancient history with them. A visit to the Valley of the Kings, where Tutankhamun’s tomb was found, is also highly recommended.

We also compared all prices here and the cheapest and most fun way to visit all these archaeological sites is undoubtedly by taxi. You can book these at almost any hotel in Hurghada. Because for the route from Hurghada to Luxor you need a good three hours. Something that feels even longer and less pleasant with a tour bus. If you travel by taxi on your own like us, you should make sure that you have enough cash with you. Because at the moment you cannot pay your entrance tickets with your credit card in Luxor.

4 Diving

Yet another reason why many tourists travel to Hurghada is to (learn to) dive. Due to the great diversity of fauna and flora in combination with the clear water, this location is extremely suitable for divers. Do you have no experience? No problem, because it is also possible to take a number of lessons here. We have not dived here ourselves, but that is rather due to lack of time and the choice for other activities. You can always take a look at Viator for the various options. Some hotels also offer this themselves. For those who do not dare to dive, snorkeling is a good alternative that is also offered here. The coral reefs in Makadi Bay in Hurghada are the most intact and therefore also one of the most beautiful.

5 Watching the sunset and stars

Due to the absence of light, especially in the desert, you can spot a lot of stars here at night. There are also many tour operators that respond to this and offer a tour in the evening. Then you will go with a jeep through the desert to watch the sunset. And spot the stars. A very nice excursion! But keep in mind that the jeep safari is not immediately relaxing. Someone with back problems is better off doing this activity. You can book this trip both online and in a hotel without a big difference in price.

Hurghada Egypt
Visit Karnak

6 Enjoy a spa and massage

Do you really want to relax and enjoy yourself? Then a spa and an accompanying massage are highly recommended to do in Hurghada. Almost every hotel in the region offers this. You can also book this outside your hotel. But watch out! If the price is too good to be true, it might be a scam. There are also some (cheap) spas to visit where hygiene is not always good. Looking up some reviews online never hurts.

7 Visiting Bedouin Camp

Bedouins, or otherwise called “the desert inhabitants”, actually live in the desert of Egypt. These nomads want to be independent from a country. They do not identify with any nationality or belief. And they are also reluctant to outsiders. It is therefore not recommended to visit a Bedouin village on your own. Yet you can visit some Bedouin villages where you get a feeling how this population lives. A very nice experience where you often get a show with dancers and where a barbecue is also possible. You can also book this tour in the hotel or online.

8 Mosque El Mina Masjid

To be fair, Hurghada’s city center isn’t exactly spectacular or pretty and can sometimes come across as a bit crowded and chaotic. And especially because of the many sellers who come to you continuously. The only thing worth doing in Hurghada City itself is the El Mina Masjid Mosque. This mosque is not only imposing from the outside, but is also beautiful on the inside. A visit to the mosque is completely free, but it is best to leave a free contribution here. Women must wear a cover-up that you can rent on the spot. That is also an experience in itself.

Hurghada center
Mosque Egypt

9 Water Activities in Hurghada

With this warm weather, a visit to one of the water theme parks is definitely something you should consider. The offer is large here and finding out which water theme park is closest to your hotel certainly does not hurt. Often a water theme park is also owned by a hotel. In addition, there is also the possibility to do other water activities on the Red Sea, such as renting a jet ski. There’s even a submarine you can get in if you don’t feel like diving yourself. This is also a fun activity for children.

10 Camel or Horse Ride

Another unique way to travel through the desert is on horseback or camel. Both are possible in Hurghada. Just keep in mind that this is more intense than it looks. Sitting on a camel for three hours is anything but relaxing. And then we speak from our own experience when we tried this once in Marrakech . In addition, not every organization is committed to the animals and unfortunately you cannot always check that in advance. In the future, we prefer to ignore activities in which animals are involved.

Things to Do in Hurghada

Hurghada is a beautiful destination and the many activities that can be done there allowed the region to charm us despite a few prejudices. We hope you found this list “Things to do in Hurghada” interesting. Be sure to let us know in the comments below!




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