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The reason for a trip to Egypt was and is of course the rich history that this country in Africa carries with it. You can also visit some ancient ruins and temples in Egypt, such as in Luxor. But a visit to the pyramids of Giza is of course also an option. In addition, the temperature is often a reason to come to this country. Because even in December and January you have a very pleasant climate here.

Transport in



The easiest way to get around in Egypt is by Taxi. In most hotels you can ask at the counter if they can call a taxi for you. Agree a fixed price in advance, otherwise you may be faced with a surprise. You can even rent a Taxi in Egypt for a whole day, something we did to visit different temples and tombs. Plus, it wasn’t that expensive either.

Bus and train

Although there is still a train network available that dates back to colonial times, it is not of good quality. The bus network is then not only of better quality, but also often faster than the train. The only drawback is that except for a few tourist buses, everything is written in Arabic. Almost all long-distance buses have air conditioning in the bus. Superjet is a company that provides excellent service in Egypt. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to travel a long distance.


For longer distances you can of course always use domestic flights. And although this is the last way to travel, the cost is a big disadvantage. In addition, the flights are always quickly fully booked and you will not often be able to find discounts in the high season. The most popular airports in Egypt are Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh.

Rent a car

You can also set out on your own with a rented car. And although a road trip can certainly be an added value when visiting Egypt. We advise against this, because traffic in this country is very hectic and chaotic. This can be overwhelming at times, especially in the larger cities, so we saw several accidents during our trip to Egypt. If you still want to rent a car, you can do this from 40 euros per day (including insurance).

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Helpful facts



Egyptian cuisine is almost a combination of different cuisines. You can find Greek, Turkish, French, Persian and English influences in it, among other things. This is because over the years some nomads have moved through the country. The main ingredients of most Egyptian dishes are vegetables and rice. Grilled meat or fish from the Red Sea is also very popular. The dessert in Egypt is often very sweet and can be compared to the well-known Moroccan desserts. At a local restaurant, food will cost you between 2 and 6 euros with drinks included. In the tourist zones you can count twice.

Papers for Egypt

Is your travel time through Egypt shorter than 30 days? Then you do not have to make special requests in advance. You can then simply obtain your visa on arrival, it will cost you 25 dollars. Are you going to travel to Egypt for longer than 30 days and less than 3 months? Then you must apply for your visa online at least 7 days before departure on the official website provided for this . This visa will also cost you $25. If you travel with an official travel agency, this visa has often already been arranged for you. You also need an international driver’s license for Egypt. So don’t forget this if you want to drive the car yourself.

Vaccinations for Egypt

You do not need compulsory vaccinations for Egypt. Unless you have traveled through a country with yellow fever in the past 7 days before departure. In that case, a vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory. So it never hurts to check. In addition, it is recommended to get a DTP vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. As well as a vaccination against Hepatitis A (infectious yellow fever). In tourist areas, however, the risk of these diseases is very small. There is no malaria in Egypt. For an up-to-date list, you can always take a look at the travel vaccinations website.


The most popular and most chosen accommodation in Egypt is of course a resort. Here you have a nice hotel room with a swimming pool and other entertainment. The prices for these rooms vary greatly from each other and the season also plays a major role. If you look carefully you can already find a hotel room in a resort from 50 euros per night. For a budget hotel you can already find prices from 10 euros. In our opinion, Airbnb is not yet ready for this.

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